How To Make BIG Money Selling Cars

Sell More. Hold Gross. Have Fun!

Selling cars is a gold mine - for the right person.

In automobile sales, the professionals, the guys and gals who get the big vouchers, earn six figures plus.

This eBook will tell you how they do it.

No Income Cap

As an automobile sales consultant, there is no income cap or glass ceiling.

That's great news.

Even better news is that learning how to sell more and hold gross is not rocket science.

It is not easy. Nothing in life is easy. And when starting a career as an automobile sales consultant there is often a common challenge.

Minimal Training

The challenge, when you start in auto sales, is that you receive minimal (if any) training. You are left on your own.

The result ...

  • Few sales
  • Small vouchers
  • Low commission checks
  • Frustration
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Guilt

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Not Your Fault

It is NOT your fault.

At least, it wasn't your fault, until now.

Now you know there is a solution.

That means you now have to take responsibility for your actions.

You are accountable because you now know that How To Make Big Money Selling Cars is THE answer to Sell More, Hold Gross, and Have Fun!

How To Make Big Money is your answer for jump starting your car sales career.

My Automobile Sales Career Start

Let me tell you about my car sales career start.

My first day was December 5th. Definitely not the best month to start out selling cars. And, my first day also coincided with the Dealership moving into a new building.

The bonus was I started in a nice new store. The downside was the relocation didn't allow time for anyone to teach me about selling cars.

My Sales Manager took me outside and said the new cars will be here - he pointed to a patch of pavement

The used car selection will be there - another patch of pavement.

He ended our chat with "And I'll catch up with you once things settle down."

That was it! That was my orientation and training.

The Dealer Principle gave me a warm Welcome and promised to provide someone as a mentor.

That month, I sold two cars.

Truth is, the F&I Manager actually locked one deal up for me and the other was a gimme - I think the Sales Manager was feeling a little guilty.

In January, I was able to put a half dozen deals together. The same in February. In March, the Dealer Principle was hinting this just might not be the right career for me.

Averaging 6 car sales a month is well below expectation and very close to poverty level. The commissions were dismal. I was giving everything away.

BUT, I wanted to succeed. I saw the income potential. I truly believed a serious income was not pie in-the-sky.

I acted. I decided that I would find a way to get some real auto sales training.

And I did. But it was expensive. Very expensive.

Easily Accessible
Inexpensive Training

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I knew there had to be many others like me just starting in auto sales who would need automobile sales training.

This lack of training was not just my challenge. And I knew it wasn't my fault.

At least it wasn't until I found out where to get proper training. Then it was totally on my shoulders.

Even though that first training course was very expensive (almost $2000), I went. I needed it. I knew I did. My results screamed that I needed help.

So I found the dollars and went.

The training was excellent. When I returned my car sales tripled.

But what hit home even more was that for most people starting out in auto sales, the cost of training is beyond them. If the Dealer isn't paying, most car salespeople cannot afford car sales training.

I resolved to find a way to provide easily accessible training every automobile salesman can afford.

It has taken a few years. Its taken a lot of research.

Here it is ....

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How To Make BIG Money 
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Plus Bonus 1... 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale

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These topics are THE FOUNDATION for YOUR success...

1. Is An Automobile Sales Career Right For You

2. Success In Automobile Sales

3. 5 C’s For A Successful Automobile Sales Career

4. Why Automobile Sales People Quit

5. 5 Sales Tips For Success

6. Ambition

7. Joe Girard - Top Automobile Salesman

8. Sales Training

9. Sales Scripts

10. Visualize. Prioritize. Capitalize.

11. You Are A Brand

12. YOU Determine YOUR Success

13. Car Salesman or Order Taker

14. Make It Personal

15. You Are Your Most Important Asset

16. Nothing Happens Until There Is A Sales Opportunity

17. Prospecting

18. Love Your Sold List

19.Phone Prospecting

20. CRM

21. The Largest Rolodex Wins

22. Your Sales Funnel Pipeline To Prosperity

23. Repeat and Referral Business

24. You Won't Be Found If Your Name's Not Around

25.  Make Big Money Selling Cars - Your Next Chapter

26. Appendix

More than a hundred pages guiding you on how to take control of your automobile sales career and focus on selling more, holding gross, and having fun. Auto Sales

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How To Make BIG Money as an automobile salesman
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Plus Bonus 1... 60 Ways To Ask For The Sale

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