Personal Mission Statement
Values - Vision - Validation

You need a Personal Mission Statement.

Regardless of your age, vocation, or where you are in life this very moment, writing a mission statement, and living it, will move you in the direction of where you want to be.

Yes, creating one can be daunting.

I did a Google search on the phrase mission statement. In less than two seconds 28,800,000 references were available. Twenty-eight million, eight hundred thousand references.

The conclusion; people recognize the importance of having one. But as in many other avenues of life, it is the putting pen to paper that holds people back.

Is that your excuse?

The Corporate Mission Statement

Walk into any reputable for profit or not-for-profit enterprise and there, prominently placed in the foyer, will be their mantra - the corporate mission statement.

Its purpose is to give you, the guest, an appreciation of what the organization believes in, what is important to them, their raison d’etre. It is, in essence, the DNA of this group. Or, at least, that is what it is suppose to be.

An organization’s business philosophy should be visible. That visibility, however, extends beyond the foyer. It needs to be evident through its interactions.

For example ...

  • Does the plaque on the wall match up with how customers, visitors, and guests are treated?
  • During employee and volunteer interactions, does Management mirror the wording?
  • What about supplier relationships or environmental and social responsibilities?

In other words, do the day-to-day interactions and behaviors align with the corporate mission statement?

When we say a mission statement is the heart and soul of an organization, the DNA, unfortunately does not always extend beyond the frame the words hang in. The DNA, in these instances, translates to Does Not Apply

Smoke And Mirrors

The transparency of many automobile salesmen, like big business, is smoke and mirrors.

  • We say one thing but really mean something else.
  • We make idle promises, not seriously meaning to follow through.
  • Our word is our bond with the sticking power of a post-it note.
  • "You can depend on me" often translates to "Until you cross the curb." 

If these statements are familiar, you can change them. Designing your personal mission statement will capture the person you desire to be. Living it will catapult you to new beginnings.

It is the footpath to you being you!

What Is A Personal Mission Statement

 "It is the footpath to you being you!", is a powerful statement.

A mission statement is much more than a mantle piece. It ought to represent who you are. It ought to be a representation of your life experiences, expectations, goals, and dreams.

It is no different than a business or corporate mission statement. Each is created to identify what the person or enterprise stands for. Each outlines what is important, valued; what will not be compromised.

In essence, whether an enterprise or a person ...

  • a mission statement reflects the very essence of being,
  • it outlines core values, purpose, vision,
  • it gives substance to those principles that will not be compromised,
  • it creates a visual map for your life journey.

Start Where You Are Today

Living your personal mission statement is an adventure.

Possibly, at some point, you may have heard or read something like "Pretend it is your 75th birthday. What would you like to be remembered for?"

If you did, scrap it.

The reality is that writing a personal mission statement is about growth. So start where you are today.

A Mission Statement is not an end; it is a beginning. It is 3 V's ... 

  • Values,
  • Vision, and
  • Validation

summarized in a short easily recited life script.

                  Read on, your journey is just beginning!

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Personal Mission Statement

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