Erroneous Conclusion
Sales Close

The Erroneous Conclusion Sales Close is excellent for testing the buying temperature of the prospect. Your listening skills play an important role for this sales closing technique to be effective.

The key to this deal making strategy is that you listen for opportunities to use this close. Those opportunities are comments the prospect makes. They often relate to a time frame or an "If only..." kind of unsolicited comment by the prospect. This happens often when you are working with a couple.

Again, the emphasis is on listening - a skill professional salespeople excel at.

Application Example

On the test drive one spouse mentions it would be great to have a new vehicle for Thursday when their daughter arrives. Later, back at the Dealership, you say "It really looks like this is the vehicle for you. Now did I hear you say you wanted it in your driveway by Friday?"

If the prospect says something like "Oh no - we need it by Thursday." you reply, "So late Wednesday would really be best for you, right?"

Any positive response means they have mentally bought it.

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